2017 Volkswagen Voyage Price, Engine, and Redesign

2017 Volkswagen Voyage Price, Engine, and Redesign – Introduced in the national market in 1985, the Volkswagen Voyage is one of the most commonly known cars in Brazil. Identified by a lot of Brazilians for its longevity and reselling worth, the model in the 80’s was one of the most wanted cars in the market at the time, when the release was named Gol sedan for implementing the very same platform, as effectively as the body which had been revised From the “c” line converting into the compact Volkswagen car. The first engine used was the well-known AP 600 prohibit handed down from the old Passat that has been the initially in Brazil to possess device handle in the go (sophisticated technology at the time). The Volkswagen Voyage is gone on the web for precisely ten years, if in 1995 it had been stopped. But also in 2009, the manufacturer released the relaunch of the timeless by the must have a compact sedan, as the competitors were experiencing accomplishment in the section, however in a new era up-to-date Gol.

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2017 Volkswagen Voyage 2017 Volkswagen Voyage Price, Engine, and Redesign

2017 Volkswagen Voyage

2017 Volkswagen Voyage Redesign

The visible change was far more impressive in Gol. Like Fox, the rear centered the largest changes. Set up of the relatives’ horizontalized lanterns activity, Gol used somewhat bigger a few-dimensional parts. The best edge becomes a member of by a new crease, which varieties a ruler in the design of Gol BX of 1980. The change essential new body dishes, a package which had previously been innovative by Autoesporte in 2014. The result provided Gol a Western Polo. Consequently, the Voyage was much shyer. The rear part stayed the identical, apart from details on the fender.

2017 Volkswagen Voyage Interior 2017 Volkswagen Voyage Price, Engine, and Redesign

2017 Volkswagen Voyage Interior

Let us point out that the interior has been through the same Europeanization. The rectilinear board in the design of the new Passat left out the circular aspects of the authentic G5. As performed the Hyundai HB20, Gol was encouraged by higher priced models of the range. The essential tool grew to become greater and began to add up with white-colored light emitting diodes, while the body wagers on the speedometer and thorough surfaces-converts. The twin holder radio station necessary a larger unit and unit. Only the old front door individual panels supply that this was a part upgrade. Despite having no delicate segments, the solar panel attempts to give a standard car effect, which will help the Golf-like controls on the higher priced models – even the easiest is an about the three-spoke toned base.

2017 Volkswagen Voyage Engine

The 2017 Volkswagen Voyage engine has been subject to changes as the new 1.-liter a few tube 12-device engine produces the top rims 75 horsepower with gas and 82 hp with liquor in the aquarium. Even so, types 1.6 continue the same prevent 1.6 Full Flex, which brings 101 hp with fuel and 104 hp with ethanol. The gearbox could be guided five various-speed or programmed I-Movements (auto), dependent upon the variation.

2017 Volkswagen Voyage Engine 2017 Volkswagen Voyage Price, Engine, and Redesign

2017 Volkswagen Voyage Engine

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2017 Volkswagen Voyage Price

The price of the new Volkswagen Voyage 2017 commences at $ 40,990 in the least expensive model and may expense up to $ 58,590 in a full variation.

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